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TyRex Technology Family Best of 2022

The year 2022 brought back in-person events and new initiatives for the TyRex Technology Family. Some honorable mentions for this year include the team’s visit to AMUG and the addition of our new research entity, STG 4 Fronts. As we continue to add new additive manufacturing technologies to explore alongside upgrading our facilities, it’s important to take a look back at this year to see just how far we have come. Be sure to click on each TyRex Technology Family snow globe to travel to some of the best content from this year!

Arctos Snowglobe

Click the Arctos snow globe to read Built to Print: Guidelines for 3D Printing.

ARL Snowglobe

Click the ARL snow globe to read about Our A2LA Accreditations and Why They Matter.

DLi Snowlglobe

Click the DLi snow globe to learn about the Short Circuit in the Global Supply Chain.

iRex Snowglobe

Click the iRex snow globe to watch iRex Under the Wire: Jigs Done in a Jif.

SaberData Snowglobe

Click the SaberData snow globe to see how they obtained a A Win-Win for Our Workforce: TXIT.

SabeRex Snowglobe

Click the SabeRex snow globe to watch the incredible Resin EPX 86FR Reveal.

TekRex Snowglobe

Click the TekRex snow globe to watch the TekRex Case Study: Forklift Jig.

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