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IoT Device Manufacturing

Choosing a Partner for IoT Device Manufacturing

Products connected to the Internet of Things, or IoT devices, have moved beyond novelty and become essential parts of the modern home with an expected 25% increase in connected devices projected in the next 5 years. This digital transformation coupled with global supply chain issues has put an increased importance on the manufacturing companies IoT firms choose. Below are the critical points companies should consider when contracting out the production of their IoT devices.


The biggest issue on the minds of most OEMs of IoT devices is scalability. Questions surrounding the amount of storage needed, how complex assembly is tackled, and how shipping and ERP are handled can all distract OEMs from focusing on the central service a product provides.

A good contract manufacturer can ease these concerns through transparency and visibility, usually with the aid of their own industrial IoT devices. These industrial IoT solutions allow OEMs to monitor every step of a product’s lifecycle, from when components arrive to how much torque is applied during assembly.

SabeRex’s decades of experience in supply chain operations have allowed companies of all stripes to scale their operations, from grow lights to terminals. We operate climate-controlled storage not only in the Austin area, but also in lower cost, strategically placed centers around the country. We keep a team of well-staffed assembly lines and engineering teams who can quickly solve growing pains when they arise. Once production is up and running, our reporting systems provide detailed access for our clients into every step of the process.

A Focus on Time to Market

The ability to scale means little if the product isn’t available to the customers. That is behind the push for many OEMs considering onshoring or nearshoring their productions as supply chains continue to be tangled. In addition to being an onshore option, OEMs should look into the relationships manufacturers have with shipping companies, their storage management systems, and the throughput of their production process.

SabeRex’s biggest value add when it comes to time to market is our ability to creatively problem solve. We have experts dedicated to each stage of production and can help resolve issues ranging from sourcing to kitting to shipping. Our return merchandise authorization, or RMA, services can provide useful intelligence on products that can then inform predictive maintenance through machine learning. Add in real-time tracking and traceability and you have the best option for getting your product to where it needs to be.

Integrated Services

The best way to ensure scalability and decreased time to market is through integrated services, an area where SabeRex excels. SabeRex belongs to a technology group that houses cabling, design, and reliability testing services in addition to our core competencies in logistics and 3D printing. Through us, our clients have access to high quality 3D scanning and reverse engineering capabilities that, when paired with engineering services, can alleviate potential roadblocks and bottlenecks when it comes time to iterate. 

As shown, we’ve carefully curated a suite of services that ultimately mean a wrap-around service for our IoT clients, leaving them to fully focus on harnessing the power of Big Data. For those interested in hearing more about how SabeRex is leading the manufacturing industry in the IoT space, contact us today.

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