Additive Manufacturing

Partner with the only Carbon Production Partner in Texas, using Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis® technology

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Additive Manufacturing is a versatile and cost effective way to produce anything from one-off specialty pieces to mass produced parts. SabeRex is the first in Texas to offer Carbon’s cutting edge technology with the M2 printer, which prints using Digital Light Synthesis® (DLS). DLS allows for far greater versatility than other 3D printing methods particularly when it comes to material by providing functionality to print using a variety of resins, including polyurethane and epoxy. Additionally, DLS utilizes light processing to solidify the resin as it rises from a pool of liquid in a continuous manner – a method which is said to be 100 times faster than other forms of commercial 3D printing.

Being included in the Carbon Production Network means that SabeRex is part of an ecosystem of experts in Carbon technology. Alongside our sister companies within the TyRex Technology Family, the SabeRex team has the capability to take an idea through design and production to create custom, engineered solutions. The TyRex Family offers system integration, cable assembly, reliability testing and traceable logistics all under the same roof – allowing for a seamless transition into full production.


Additive Manufacturing Request

Additive Manufacturing Request

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Carbon DLS technology allows engineers and designers to iterate faster and deliver radically re-imagined products by introducing consolidated parts, impossible geometries, and programmable lattice structures. Click here for more detail on the print technology.

SabeRex: Additive Manufacturing Advantages

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  • Complete design freedom of complex geometries.
  • Rapid design iteration of first articles.
  • Seamless transition to full production of isotropic parts.
  • Significantly faster cycle time compared to legacy production processes.
  • SabeRex’s additive manufacturing offerings will be accompanied by our research and development team, reliability testing lab and supply chain management services in order to provide you with a complete turn key solution to suit all of your business needs.

Since the M2 was installed, our team has been at the forefront of additive manufacturing. The Carbon M2 3D printer has been helping to eliminate high costs and time delays, while also providing the speed and flexibility for both prototyping and production applications. The Carbon M2 3D printer also offers a wide range of materials for any application, from flexible to rigid and from delicate to durable. Carbon’s DLS print process is faster than other forms of commercial 3D printing and works with many types of plastics  – including high-performance polymers like polyurethanes and even epoxies.