3D Scanning is a process of digitally collecting information on the shape of an object using either white light or laser light, with collected data used to create three-dimensional models. 3D scanning can be used for product benchmarking, rapid prototyping, CAD to part comparison, reverse engineering, point-cloud inspection, virtual assembly, quality control processes, and additive manufacturing. The 3D scanning process also allows for increased customization of 3D printed parts, with objects being scanned and data being transferred into 3D modeling programs.

The Hexagon Romer Absolute Arm with Integrated Scanner 7725SI (RS4) is an all-purpose, portable 3D measurement tool for digitization, inspection and analysis. This metrology system captures 3D point data from a wide variety of surface types and can be utilized in almost any measurement application. This instrument requires no warm-up time, calibrations, or additional controllers and cables. The complete scanning process is entirely verifiable and traceable, which allows for an exactness in measurements of objects.


  • CAD to part comparison
  • Point cloud inspection
  • Quality control processes
  • Product benchmarking
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Reverse engineering
  • Virtual assembly


  • Sheet metal
  • Plastic
  • Carbon fiber components
  • Almost anything that can reflect a little light


  • Probing accuracy as fine as 20 microns and scanning accuracy within 50 microns
  • Probing and scanning accuracy certified to B89.4.22 and VDI/VDE 2617-9 standard

For more information, please refer to our specs below.

cmm scanning sensor spec
3d scanning sensor spec rs4 1
cmm scanning sensor spec

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