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Solution Studies – Product & Part Production

In our latest Sherpa Shorts video, we talk about additive manufacturing and its roles in full-scale product & part production.

In the first section of the video, Executive Vice President of TyRex and additive manufacturing expert Martin Johnson discusses additive manufacturing and its ability to quickly produce jigs and fixtures that impact time and cost on the production line with real world examples.

Johnson then goes on to explore how additive manufacturing can be used as the production line for certain products or parts and achieve greater cost savings and time efficiencies. He also delves into a detailed breakdown of injection molding as compared to additive manufacturing and how that should play into your decision-making process.

And remember… For additional information on how SabeRex can help with your additive manufacturing needs, please feel free to contact our team, our sister company ARL for testing, or TekRex for design and development.

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