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Materials in Focus: EPU 41

As a certified Carbon Production Partner, the team at SabeRex knows that material choice is everything. We created the Materials in Focus series to highlight the unique properties of the resins and filaments that we work with. While the information we provide is only the tip of the iceberg, we hope it will provide a starting point for your product’s journey into Additive Manufacturing.


In this continuation of our Materials in Focus video series, we highlight the EPU 41 Resin — exclusive to Carbon printers. With an ultimate tensile strength of 15 MPa (2200 psi), this material is well-suited for elastomeric lattices where high resiliency is needed.  Highly elastic and tear-resistant, EPU 41 is a production-scale elastomeric material that you can stretch or squish and then watch it rebound. Watch the video below for more information on this resin!





For additional information on how SabeRex can help with your additive manufacturing needs, please feel free to contact our team


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