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electronic asset management solution studies

Solution Studies – Electronic Asset Management

Electronic Asset Management (EAM) is a key component to integrated logistics solutions. In fact, EAM provides everything from third-party logistics to value-added services that include sophisticated tracking of assets from start to finish. Companies utilize this service to provide their end customers with a personalized product and/or solution. Larry Krupicka, Logistics Operations Manager of SabeRex, recently sat down to answer a few critical questions regarding this service area.

What are some of the key advantages to using EAM?

Manufacturers can benefit from EAM capabilities in a variety of ways. By utilizing these services, you gain the ability to increase cost effectiveness and efficiency by optimizing factory space – as well as your workforce, thus freeing up time for core business activities. The efficiency of EAM allows for higher volumes of production with a flexible/scalable workspace, increasing the amount of manufacturing space that can be utilized.

Who are the types of companies that would use EAM?

At its core, EAM makes the process faster, easier and more efficient, so the manufacturer can focus their efforts on their customers’ wants and needs. While there is no set formula for determining which industry will benefit the most from electronic asset management, here are some common types of companies that utilize such services:

  • Banking – provide imaging and distribution of computers and printers
  • Retail – allow for warehousing, imaging, and distribution of point of sale systems
  • Oil & Gas – offer imaging, configuration, warehousing, and distribution of fuel site controllers
  • Technology – implement warehousing, configuration, and distribution of single generation hardware
  • Global Companies – furnish warehousing, configuration, and global shipping of components & hardware
  • Start Ups – reduce warehousing and labor costs to cut overhead expense

Why is there a need for EAM?

EAM offers the ability to help businesses meet their goals faster by improving processes and enabling their customers to take smarter business actions. It allows companies to focus solely on its customer’s demands and ensure that they are able to provide them with a tailored product and/or solution. Some of the specific key benefits of utilizing EAM include, but are not limited to:

  • Eliminating long-term investments in warehouse and factory space
  • Cutting shipping costs due to scaling effect
  • Reducing direct headcount cost, so you pay only for what you use
  • Leveraging sophisticated inventory control and tracking systems for improved audits

For more information on EAM or other technology solutions, please feel free to contact the SabeRex team by clicking here.

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