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Additive Manufacturing at ARMA Tradeshow 2017!

SabeRex and the TyRex Family of technology companies will be exhibiting at the Austin Regional Manufacturers Association (ARMA) Tradeshow, booth #419, on September 28 at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, TX.  The ARMA 2017 Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show & Procurement Conference features presentations and exhibits from vendors in the semiconductor, electronics, medical device,

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SabeRex Graphic: Solution News - Additive Manufacturing

SabeRex Installing First M2 Model Carbon 3D Printer in Texas

Austin-based manufacturer to offer customers additive manufacturing solutions at scale   SabeRex is partnering with Silicon Valley-based tech company Carbon to install the first-ever M2 additive manufacturing machine in the state of Texas at its facility in North Austin at the beginning of August. Once the 3D printer is installed and online, SabeRex will be

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SRX Graphic: Solutions Studies Why Add A Middle Man (VAR)

Why Add a Middle Man? Top Four Benefits of Partnering with a VAR

In today’s day and age you may be wondering if it is truly necessary to include a value-added reseller (VAR) in your supply chain. Well, the answer to that question really depends on your particular business. For example, if you are a company that is unfamiliar with the manufacturing industry, looking to scale in the

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Graphic Website Solutions Studies Wind Turbine Board Handling

Wind Turbine Repair: How Much is Mishandling Costing You?

A recent survey report by Wind O&M Dallas found that the second highest failing part of a wind turbine is electrical components. At 23% of reported failures, this can be a costly and time consuming repair process. As a wind turbine board repair company this figure seemed staggering; however, not surprising considering our experience with

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SabeRex Photo: TyRex Founders Day 2017

TyRex Founders Day 2017

At the first of every business year, the entire TyRex Technology Family celebrates its birthday with the annual Founders Day Birthday Celebration. Special guests, family members and every TyRex employee gathered yet again in 2017 to honor employees, catch up on all the exciting programs the TyRex companies have continued to develop, and to reaffirm the

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SRX Graphic: Website Solutions Studies Quality

Solutions Studies – ISO Certified & Quality Management Systems

The Importance of having an ISO Certified Contract Manufacturing Partner Say what you do; do what you say. A simple, yet invaluable statement when it comes to what you need from your contract manufacturing partner. With an organization certified by an independent certification body, top level management can rest assured that the system conforms to

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Graphic: Website Solution Studies Technical Field Services

Solutions Studies – Choosing 1099 Field Technicians

Wise advice for avoiding the “COST TRAP” when using 1099 field technicians. Field technicians come in all sizes and flavors, from retail to enterprise-class. One of the most common comments I hear from customers is, “I don’t want to pay a lot for a technician.” Unfortunately, most of these customers will end up paying more

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Graphic: Website Solution Studies Wind Turbine Board Repair

Solutions Studies – Wind Turbine Board Repair

As nonrenewable energy source supplies begin to dwindle, a steady increase in renewable energy use has begun to make up for a significant portion of today’s electricity generation. One source in particular, wind power, has seen a boost of over 25% in the past decade; in fact, with increased efficiency a modern wind turbine has

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SabeRex Photo: 2016 CEO For A Day

Middle Schoolers Are CEO For A Day at SabeRex

For the second consecutive year, students from J. Frank Dobie Middle School visited the TyRex facilities on May 13 as part of their “CEO For A Day” program. A total of 39 students in grades 6-8 participated in the program this year, which is part of the Restore Rundberg Project. TyRex Founder John Bosch, Jr., TyRex President &

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Solution Studies International Shipping

Solution Studies- International Shipping

  Your industry insight into technical manufacturing operations “In International Shipping, the line between origin and destination isn’t as straight as you might think, and it can be extremely difficult to navigate, but you’re not alone.” International shipping can present a number of unforeseen challenges. While your goal is to have your product reach its final

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