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Carbon M2 Printing Solution Studies

Solution Studies – Carbon M2 Printing

Sherpa Shorts is our new video series featuring Martin Johnson, Executive Vice President of TyRex and additive manufacturing expert. The series is called Sherpa Shorts because like a Sherpa who leads someone up a mountain, our job is to help lead you up your own 3D printing mountain. We will focus on 10 areas that

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Hard Drive Imaging Solution Studies

Solution Studies – Hard Drive Imaging

Hard drive imaging is a process where the data and structure information on a hard drive (also known as the code master) is mirrored onto other hard drives that will then be loaded into computer systems used throughout a company or organization. Many companies will contract with solutions providers for this service for a wide

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Fiber Cassettes Case Study

Bright Ideas Case Study – Fiber Cassettes

By teaming up with SabeRex and TekRex to 3D print fiber cassette housings, fellow TyRex Family member Megladon was able to save money on procurement and inventory, while also easily updating designs without incurring expensive tooling costs to satisfy customer requests for fiber cassettes.

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Grow Lighting Case Study

Contract Manufacturing Case Study

Servicing the Grow Light industry   The significant advantages offered by LED light has caused many companies to replace their traditional lighting systems with LEDs. This is especially the case in the agriculture industry with regard to grow lighting. While not only being environmentally friendly and economically resourceful, LED grow lights increase production and help

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Importance Of Technical Field Services Solution Studies

Solution Studies – 5 Key Questions For Field Services

Technical Field Services – where a professionally-skilled technician is sent out to install or service operations equipment – are needed just about everywhere. In almost all businesses, there are numerous reasons why a field service technician would be utilized. Whether it’s off-site or at a facility, field technicians provide the necessary service for project success by

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Electronic Asset Management Solution Studies

Solution Studies – Electronic Asset Management

Electronic Asset Management (EAM) is a key component to integrated logistics solutions. In fact, EAM provides everything from third-party logistics to value-added services that include sophisticated tracking of assets from start to finish. Companies utilize this service to provide their end customers with a personalized product and/or solution. Larry Krupicka, Logistics Operations Manager of SabeRex,

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TyRex Photo: Founders Day 2018

TyRex Founders Day 2018

At the first of every business year, the entire TyRex Technology Family celebrates its birthday with the annual Founders Day Birthday Celebration. Special guests, family members and every TyRex employee gathered yet again in 2018 to honor employees, catch up on all the exciting programs the TyRex companies have continued to develop, and to reaffirm the

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The Additive Manufacturing Advantage Solution Studies

The Additive Manufacturing Advantage

Why Carbon’s DLP based M2 allows additional design flexibility, speed, and more cost effective solutions when comparing additive manufacturing to traditional manufacturing methods Unlike traditional methods of manufacturing, Carbon’s M2 3D printer can benefit engineers in a variety of ways. Additive manufacturing not only eliminates the high costs and time delays that are typically involved

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Additive Manufacturing at ARMA Tradeshow 2017!

SabeRex and the TyRex Family of technology companies will be exhibiting at the Austin Regional Manufacturers Association (ARMA) Tradeshow, booth #419, on September 28 at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, TX.  The ARMA 2017 Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show & Procurement Conference features presentations and exhibits from vendors in the semiconductor, electronics, medical device,

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SabeRex Graphic: Solution News - Additive Manufacturing

SabeRex Installing First M2 Model Carbon 3D Printer in Texas

Austin-based manufacturer to offer customers additive manufacturing solutions at scale   SabeRex is partnering with Silicon Valley-based tech company Carbon to install the first-ever M2 additive manufacturing machine in the state of Texas at its facility in North Austin at the beginning of August. Once the 3D printer is installed and online, SabeRex will be

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