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Success Speaks Volumes

Through the years, SabeRex has continually provided successful custom technology solutions for major companies in a wide range of industries. The following are just a few of the many examples of the customers successfully served by SabeRex. These case studies will not only provide you with a showcase of our vast capabilities, but will also provide evidence as to why you should choose SabeRex for your next project:



SabeRex provided:

  • Lead-Project Manager of 3-year Notebook FCM Program
  • Image Loading – multiple / mixed file systems, applications & custom profiles
  • B2B Data Migration
  • Full DoD Date Wipe
  • Hot Swap & Depot, Test, Repair Support
  • Shipped over 80,000 Systems
  • Cutting-edge Customer Order Tracking System


SabeRex Provided:

  • Lead Logistics Partner: PC Replacement / Memory Upgrade Project
  • Warehoused / Deployed all PCs, Cages, Memory & Imaging CDs
  • Picked, Pulled, Packed & Shipped according to individual store requirements
  • Created & Printed Custom Labels
  • Met Operational Plan of HW to be on-site two business days prior to install date (100%)
  • Provided Daily Inventory / Shipment Reports to PM in order to meet scheduled deliveries
  • Provided state-of-the-art Storage Management System


SabeRex Provided:

  • Lead-Project Manager of perpetual HD Replacement Program
  • Have deployed 2,500 units to date
  • B2B Data Migration
  • Hot Swap & Depot, Test, Repair Support
  • Web-based Online Dashboard to Monitor / Track Project Orders
  • Full-Cycle Management Program


SabeRex Provided:

  • Lead-Project Manager of Full Lifecycle Management Program
  • Deploy / Re-deploy HW / Services for over 500 stores each holiday season
  • Imaging, Kitting, Integration, Archiving
  • Full DoD Data Wipe
  • Return / Re-man Services
  • Asset Recovery Services
  • Warehouse, Store, Consolidate HW until new deployment
  • Provided state-of-the-art Storage Management System


SabeRex Provided:

  • Full Life Cycle Management Program
  • Imaging, Asset Tagging, Notebook Design
  • Asset Recovery Services / Data Wipe
  • Adjudicate, Warehouse, Store, Consolidate
  • On-Board / Off-Board
  • Weekly Status – Retrieve, Deploy, Swap, Lost/Stolen, Misc. Requests
  • Provided state-of-the-art Inventory Reporting


  • Multi-OEM Centric Delivery Platform
  • Scale to meet 100,000 units per year
  • Scale to meet 200,000 peripherals per year
  • Multiple Images, App Stack, End User Credentials
  • Service Now Integration
  • SharePoint Integration
  • Experience with heavy physical and logical security practices & encryption
  • Capable of providing dedicated Space
  • Real-time Customer Visibility into Inventory & Orders
  • Full LCM Program from Ordering to Deployment

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