Technical Field Services

We Install.  We Service.

Whether off-site, at your facility or at our own, our field technicians provide every service necessary to manage your product throughout its life cycle by implementing a custom end-to-end program. Our Technical Field Services staff has the experience, expertise and know-how to make sure everything runs seamlessly from start to finish. No matter how big or how small, trust SabeRex to get the job done right.

SabeRex: Technical Field Services Advantages

SabeRex Graphic: Technical Field Services Icon
  • Our experienced team can assist you in the design, manufacturing, distribution, repair, warranty adjudication and disposal of products and IT resources.
  • Our factory and field services provide you with maximum flexibility when it is time to manage IT deployments; reducing the number of partners needed to coordinate and manage the project.
  • Our customized “White Glove” services leave your premises pristine and clutter-free. You define the challenge, and we’ll design the solution.
  • We offer dedicated project managers with a clear and transparent escalation path all the way to our CEO.

SabeRex: Technical Field Services Expert Insight

Field technicians come in all sizes and flavors, from retail to enterprise-class. One of the most common comments I hear from customers is, “I don’t want to pay a lot for a technician.” Unfortunately, most of these customers will end up paying more in the long run as price almost always equates to quality when dealing with 1099 field technicians. A technician priced at $60/hour taking 3 hours to complete a task will be more expensive than a technician asking $100/hour that can finish the job in half the time.

In general, higher-priced technicians working with a reputable project management company will have been subjected to background checks, vetted for certifications relevant to your specific job, and given the right training and tools for the job. Don’t be tempted to save a few dollars on the front end, only to end up paying more on the back end due to excessive project management requirements, poor execution in the field, and additional out-of-scope hourly fees.SabeRex maintains a network of professional “5 star” preferred technicians supporting the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and rarely have issues when a customer is focused on getting the right technician for the job. If your financial decision maker thinks you might be paying too much, ask them to compare your proposal to the Best Buy Geek Squad technicians and rates. Then ask them who they think should be working on your enterprise project.

Martin Johnson – SabeRex Group Vice President