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SabeRex Installing First M2 Model Carbon 3D Printer in Texas

Austin-based manufacturer to offer customers additive manufacturing solutions at scale

SabeRex is partnering with Silicon Valley-based tech company Carbon to install the first-ever M2 additive manufacturing machine in the state of Texas at its facility in North Austin at the beginning of August. Once the 3D printer is installed and online, SabeRex will be able to offer clients custom additive manufacturing solutions at scale – providing high-resolution 3D-printed parts with engineering-grade mechanical properties for a range of applications and industries.

“The addition of the M2 is one of several gear-changing events that will propel SabeRex forward into the future,” said Andrew Cooper, CEO of SabeRex and President of parent company TyRex Group, Ltd. “With its revolutionary technology and Carbon’s commitment to ensure uptime and enhanced execution, the M2 will allow us to significantly increase throughput of high-quality production parts for our enterprise clients.”

The M2 is Carbon’s second generation commercially available 3D printer that leverages Carbon’s breakthrough technology, Digital Light SynthesisTM, which is powered by its Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) process. Carbon’s technology is faster than previous techniques and works with many types of plastics, including high-performance polymers like polyurethanes and epoxies. While other methods of 3D printing put down layers of plastics one at a time, Carbon printers fabricate products in a continuous process that increase the quality of the pieces produced. Additionally, the M2 makes 3D printing relevant for manufacturing by increasing the speed at which products are delivered and providing availability of desired materials for the industrial market to apply in a wide range of applications.

“Digital Light Synthesis is massively changing the way our partners like SabeRex and their customers develop products because it enables them to go straight from design to production on the same platform,” said Dr. Joseph DeSimone, co-founder and CEO of Carbon. “For SabeRex customers, it opens up a world of new possibilities from on-demand manufacturing and reduced inventory to mass-customization to completely new business models. We’re very excited to be a part of that.”

By partnering with Carbon to bring the M2 printer to Texas, SabeRex will play a major role in helping upend traditional methods of manufacturing through additive solutions. A member of the TyRex Family of Technology Companies, SabeRex will now include additive manufacturing among its wide range of quality service offerings (including: integrated logistics, value-add configuration, high-value electronics repair, complex contract manufacturing, and technical field services) to businesses throughout the technology sector.

“We’re excited to have the first Carbon printer in Texas that goes beyond just prototyping and can deliver production level volume and quality typically sourced from traditional subtractive manufacturers,” said Rick Jennings, SabeRex Chief Operation Officer. “By being able to offer our customers solutions ranging from high-temp/high mechanical strength to high elasticity/resilient parts with the resins utilized by Carbon, we are very confident that more OEM’s will adopt the solutions SabeRex can now offer through the M2.”

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