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Employee Spotlight – Cisto Jaimes

Lead Tech Cisto Jaimes recently celebrated his 15th year working with TyRex, and knows the warehouse inside and out. You can often find Cisto back at the loading docks, taking care of all things shipping and receiving for SabeRex. He works mainly with Buffalo Technology, a global manufacturer of electronic storage, multimedia, and wireless networking products who utilizes SabeRex as a logistics partner. Over the years, Cisto’s gotten to know Buffalo products very well and has even helped out with some testing.

Why does Cisto believe customers choose SabeRex? “It’s a special company that takes care of its customers from start to finish,” he says. “My favorite part about working at SabeRex is coming to work for a special company with very friendly coworkers. I am always greeted with a smile.” In 2010 at the annual TyRex Founders Day celebration, Cisto won the Quality Management Award which is given annually to a TyRex company, division, or individual presenting outstanding quality in their work. CEO Andrew Cooper has worked closely with Cisto for many years and values his hard work. “Cisto is always working behind the scenes with a positive work ethic,” Andrew praised. “He comes early, stays late and has a wonderful attitude.”

For Cisto, it’s just part of the job. “I’ve been lucky to work for SabeRex the past 15 years,” he says. “Thanks to God and SabeRex, I have my house and my wife.”  Cisto remembers meeting his wife just before starting work with SabeRex – now, they are parents of SIX boys with a seventh on the way! Dedicated and hardworking employees like Cisto Jaimes are what make our company truly special . Happy anniversary to Cisto, and here’s to many more wonderful years!

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