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Next Level Integration: What We Mean by “One Call, Problem Solved”

When we say SabeRex is a one-call shop, it’s more than a tagline. That phrase encapsulates a mindset, decades of experience, and a level of service second to none. Understanding the full manufacturing cycle and the systems needed to tie each piece to the other is how we excel – it’s also h [...] Read more

The SabeRex Difference Q&A

With six major core competencies (from additive manufacturing and logistics to contract manufacturing and field services) that yield a wide array of technology services, the capabilities of SabeRex as a business partner can be imposing to fully comprehend at a glance. To simplify, SabeRex COO Rick J [...] Read more
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Wind Turbine Repair: How Much is Mishandling Costing You?

A recent survey report by Wind O&M Dallas found that the second highest failing part of a wind turbine is electrical components. At 23% of reported failures, this can be a costly and time consuming repair process. As a wind turbine board repair company this figure seemed staggering; however, not [...] Read more
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Solutions Studies – Wind Turbine Board Repair

As nonrenewable energy source supplies begin to dwindle, a steady increase in renewable energy use has begun to make up for a significant portion of today’s electricity generation. One source in particular, wind power, has seen a boost of over 25% in the past decade; in fact, with increased effici [...] Read more
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SabeRex Electronics Passes ISO Registration

On March 13 SabeRex Electronics received notification of their ISO Registration completion. Barth Lawhon, Quality Manager with the assistance of Steve Savage led this group through a five month preparation period which involved development of the entire quality system. Company employees completed IS [...] Read more
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SabeRex Group, Ltd. Achieves Company Status

The Electronics Division is now SabeRex Group, Ltd. with Thomas Hardt leading the company as president. SabeRex provides testing, repair and enhancement services for the electronics industry including printed circuit boards, computers, printers, modems, electronic speakers, etc. They also provide re [...] Read more