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Next Level Integration: What We Mean by “One Call, Problem Solved”

When we say SabeRex is a one-call shop, it’s more than a tagline. That phrase encapsulates a mindset, decades of experience, and a level of service second to none. Understanding the full manufacturing cycle and the systems needed to tie each piece to the other is how we excel – it’s also h [...] Read more

The SabeRex Difference Q&A

With six major core competencies (from additive manufacturing and logistics to contract manufacturing and field services) that yield a wide array of technology services, the capabilities of SabeRex as a business partner can be imposing to fully comprehend at a glance. To simplify, SabeRex COO Rick J [...] Read more
Production Capacity Solution Studies

Solution Studies – Product & Part Production

In our latest Sherpa Shorts video, we talk about additive manufacturing and its roles in full-scale product & part production. In the first section of the video, Executive Vice President of TyRex and additive manufacturing expert Martin Johnson discusses additive manufacturing and its ability to [...] Read more
LED Dimmer Box Case Study Solution Studies

Solution Studies – LED Dimmer Box

In this solution study we take a look at a case study featuring The Nice Group and a new product launch where additive manufacturing played a pivotal role. Learn about the details below. A design manufacturer of automation systems for gates, garage doors, road barriers, awnings and shutters for resi [...] Read more
Carbon M2 Printing Solution Studies

Solution Studies – Carbon M2 Printing

Sherpa Shorts is our new video series featuring Martin Johnson, Executive Vice President of TyRex and additive manufacturing expert. The series is called Sherpa Shorts because like a Sherpa who leads someone up a mountain, our job is to help lead you up your own 3D printing mountain. We will focus o [...] Read more
Hard Drive Imaging Solution Studies

Solution Studies – Hard Drive Imaging

Hard drive imaging is a process where the data and structure information on a hard drive (also known as the code master) is mirrored onto other hard drives that will then be loaded into computer systems used throughout a company or organization. Many companies will contract with solutions providers [...] Read more
Grow Lighting Case Study

Contract Manufacturing Case Study

Servicing the Grow Light industry   The significant advantages offered by LED light has caused many companies to replace their traditional lighting systems with LEDs. This is especially the case in the agriculture industry with regard to grow lighting. While not only being environmentally frien [...] Read more
SRX Graphic: Solutions Studies Why Add A Middle Man (VAR)

Why Add a Middle Man? Top Four Benefits of Partnering with a VAR

In today’s day and age you may be wondering if it is truly necessary to include a value-added reseller (VAR) in your supply chain. Well, the answer to that question really depends on your particular business. For example, if you are a company that is unfamiliar with the manufacturing industry, loo [...] Read more
SRX Graphic: Website Solutions Studies Quality

Solutions Studies – ISO Certified & Quality Management Systems

The Importance of having an ISO Certified Contract Manufacturing Partner Say what you do; do what you say. A simple, yet invaluable statement when it comes to what you need from your contract manufacturing partner. With an organization certified by an independent certification body, top level manage [...] Read more
Complex Contract Manufacturing Service Spotlight

Complex Contract Manufacturing

… [...] Read more