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3D Scanning Capabilities

When it comes to aftermarket car parts, anything more sophisticated than a bumper sticker is going to need a CAD file to ensure quality. The problems start when those files are hard to come by, whether due to rarity or to an overly protective OEM. When issues like this turn up, you should turn to SabeRex.

As shown in this video, SabeRex’s 3D scanning expertise leverages our Hexagon Romer 3D scanner whenever and wherever there’s a need to digitize just about anything – if it can reflect light, we can scan it. The Romer’s Absolute Arm coupled with its 20-micron probing accuracy and 50-micron scanning accuracy means that you get an industrial-grade scanner in a flexible and portable package. Once the scanning is complete, you can begin prototyping away with SabeRex’s extensive line of 3D printers, including the Carbon M2.

Once your prototype is complete, the Hexagon Romer comes in handy for any CAD-to-part comparisons for low-tolerance parts.


Contact SabeRex today to start the conversation about how 3D Scanning can boost your business!

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